World’s Fastest 5 Ball Juggler

For my 26th Guinness World Record, I revisit my 2nd. In February of 2016, I set the Guinness mark for 370 catches in 1 minute. Last year Michael Ferreri beat it with a run of 388 catches in a minute (which is published right above me in the 2018 print edition of the book).


Official Attempt

Today I went to the M&T Bank Stadium, home of the Baltimore Ravens, and took back the record with a run of 407 catches in 1 minute. It took several tries but the conference and its several hundred attendees were cheering me on.

Club Level
Joe Flacco’s Locker

Afterward, we were offered a tour of the stadium including the press box, the field, the locker rooms… and I did it all while hiding a secret under my Cradlepoint shirt (see the video for the reveal).

Thanks to Barcoding for putting on such a great conference!


5 Balls Meets 5G Speed

Tomorrow I will attempt to reclaim title to “World’s Fastest 5 ball Juggler” by attempting to reset the Guinness World Record for most catches in 1 minute (5 balls).
It will be in front of a live audience of 500 people at the Barcoding conference held at the Baltimore Raven’s Stadium at 12:30 PM ET on Oct 12. Earlier in the day, I’m going to be demystifying 5G (or possibly re-mystifying it) with an hour-long presentation about what it is, when it’s coming, and how they should prepare for it.

When I first found this record, the mark was 330 catches in 1 minute, or 5.5 catches per second meaning all 5 balls were caught and thrown every second plus more. In February of 2016, I broke the record with 370 catches in 1 minute for just over 6 catches a second.

It stood for 9 months until Michael Ferrari, an up and coming professional juggler out of Spain over 4,000 professional juggling appearances is just 5 years (over 2 per day!?) broke the record with a run of 388 catches for almost 6.5 catches a second. He has since gone on to set the 6 and 7 ball speed juggling records and doesn’t appear to be slowing down. I just watched his latest technical video and was impressed!

I set the 3 and 4 ball marks and it appears 5 ball speed is our main battleground, but it appears he’s getting ready for 3 and 4 ball speed juggling as well. I get the feeling that if successful, I’m going to have to defend the record again soon.

Can’t see it pop

It took 2 years but I just broke my 25th Guinness World Record. I had no idea I was going to set 25 Guinness World Records, and frankly, I didn’t even know it was possible. But having a growth mindset, the kind described by Stanford Psychologist Carol Dweck, and working hard led me to reach this milestone with no immediate end or hard limits in sight.

This was the shortest one yet clocking in at a crisp 1.37 seconds more than halving the previous record of 2.97 seconds for popping 3 balloons with no hands while blindfolded.

I have a few reflections in the video below. I also love how some frames capture a balloon in mid-pop so it looks like a ghost.

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Triple Threat

Yesterday  I balanced a chainsaw on my chin, today I balanced a chainsaw in my forehead, tomorrow I will attempt to pop balloons while blindfolded. 3 Guinness World Records in 3 days.

Today I had to balance a chainsaw on my forehead for over 3 minutes to set the initial mark for this Guinness World Record. I didn’t create this record, but whoever did wasn’t able to make it 3 minutes so there was no current record holder.

I was able to make it 5 minutes 1 second despite the fact that I could not see the top of the chainsaw to see when it was tipping (see the video for explanation).

KIVI News Broadcast








KIVI Facebook live stream

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Double Chainsaw Balance

Today I broke the Guinness World Record for Longest Duration Balancing a Chainsaw on the chin.

Tomorrow  (Oct 5), I go for the Guinness World Record for Longest Duration Balancing a Chainsaw on the forehead. It’ll be at 5 PM outside of JUMP as part of the VR Bash that’s part of Boise Startup week. That’s right, it’s a real reality chainsaw at a virtual reality event.

Tonight, the previous record for the chin balance was 5 minutes 7 second. I previously held this record with a mark of 3 minutes 1-second set in March of 2016 but it was passed earlier this year. Today I went for 10 minutes 0.78 seconds (as measured exactly the same by 2 stopwatches).

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Recapturing the Chainsaw

I once held the Guinness World Record for longest duration balancing a chainsaw on the chin. Before I broke it, the record was 1 minute 48 seconds and I balanced it for 3 minutes 1 second. That was nearly 2 years ago. This year someone balanced a chainsaw on their chin for 5 minutes 7 seconds.

First tme I broke the record in March of 2016

It’s time to take back the record. After the 42-minute nose balance record attempt, I think my neck is up for the 5+ minute challenge (although the chainsaw is 4-times as heavy and much more intimidating).

The attempt will be at the Cradlepoint Block Party on October 4. We’re renting out the entire Basque block from 3:30-6 PM and I’ll be on about 4:15 PM.

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Nose knows no limits

42 minutes later we had the answer to life, the universe, and everything. The questions were: would my nose ever be straight again, and when would the throbbing in my neck stop?

01 JUMP Nose Balance Record Attempt

Today I broke my 22nd Guinness World Record at JUMP in downtown Boise for the Longest Duration Balancing an Object on the Nose. The previous record was 31 minutes and was held by the legend himself: Ashrita Furman – the Guinness World Record holder for the most Guinness World Records.

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JUMP on the nose

Going for Guinness World Record #22

JUMP in downtown Boise is hosting an open house on Sept 7 with “A Playful Moment at JUMP” at 6 – 7 PM in the Pioneer room on the 6th floor.

Then from 7 PM to 7:30+ PM I will attempt to break the Guinness World Record for “Longest Duration Balancing an Object on the Nose” outside near the main front entrance to JUMP next to a tractor (the object is a hoe!). The current record is 31 minutes. The hard part is the object has to weigh at least 2.5 lbs and the nose really isn’t meant to support that much weight… or any weight, I suppose.

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2018 Guinness World Records Book Release

Hey there everyone!

The 2018 Guinness World Record’s book was released two days ago and I got my hand on a copy yesterday. Long story short, I made the book 3 times! Only a subset of all records are published every year so while I’ve broken a few, not all (and maybe not any) make the book.

All three are juggling records I set in 2016.

One of them is a current record (head rolls), one is a record I have already surpassed (fastest blindfolded juggling), and one is a record that has been surpassed by someone else (fastest juggling) and I’m deep into training to take back.

Cue up a 2 mile record

It took 30 minutes 52 seconds to walk 3,300 meters or 2.05 miles. The previous record of 1668 meters while balancing a pool cue on the chin was nearly doubled. The time didn’t matter other than my neck was ready for a break. I walked the first 1700 meters at a more conservative pace to avoid a mistake and then booked it for the second mile. A few times the cue was tipping a little too far and I had to jog to keep up. I made a total of 8 laps plus 100 meters.

One of the hardest parts about this attempt is staying on the track while staring up in the sky – especially when the sky has a bright sun in it. An early morning attempt kept the sun close to the horizon and when I was rounding the corner that pointed me directly at the sun I was in Boise High School’s shadow.

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