22 Minutes 7 Seconds

Today was reliving where it all started. Guinness World Record for Longest Duration Juggling 3 Objects Blindfolded. It’s the only record I’ve set that’s been published in the print edition of the book (so far). It got me on the TODAY show and started the amazingly fun journey I’ve been on during the last year. The first time I set it, it was only 6 minutes 34 seconds (current record until today). On my last attempt I went 22 minutes 7.01 seconds.

It took about 10 tries total, but I finally beat 20 minutes, which was my goal. Nerves resulted in several failed attempts (first 3 about 3 minutes) but I finally got a run of 7 minutes 20 seconds even with the nerves. I did the TV interviews and the news stations left. I’d set the Guinness record and all the pressure was off. I was then able to settle down and went for 22 minutes 7.01 seconds while juggling blindfolded. This even beat the juggle wiki records where all you have to provide is video evidence (and it’s a lot easier to beat a world record in your living room with no pressure then in front of 600 people).


Picture Gallery

Longest Duration Blindfolded 2nd Time GWR Gallery #11

Thank you to Cradlepoint for the opportunity to set it at our awesome block party on the Basque block. Thank you also to the team who came out to verify, witness, record and time the event.


Professor Kent Neupert – Director at Boise State University Center for Entrepreneurship
Matt Freeman –  Executive Director of the Idaho State Board of Education
Michael Gilmore – Deputy Attorney General at Idaho Attorney General
Rodd Ritchie – Pastor at Cole Community Church

Jeremy Cramer – double duty timer

Becky Beacham – photographer and videographer


Guinness_Logo Attempt