5 Balls Meets 5G Speed

Tomorrow I will attempt to reclaim title to “World’s Fastest 5 ball Juggler” by attempting to reset the Guinness World Record for most catches in 1 minute (5 balls).
It will be in front of a live audience of 500 people at the Barcoding conference held at the Baltimore Raven’s Stadium at 12:30 PM ET on Oct 12. Earlier in the day, I’m going to be demystifying 5G (or possibly re-mystifying it) with an hour-long presentation about what it is, when it’s coming, and how they should prepare for it.

When I first found this record, the mark was 330 catches in 1 minute, or 5.5 catches per second meaning all 5 balls were caught and thrown every second plus more. In February of 2016, I broke the record with 370 catches in 1 minute for just over 6 catches a second.

It stood for 9 months until Michael Ferrari, an up and coming professional juggler out of Spain over 4,000 professional juggling appearances is just 5 years (over 2 per day!?) broke the record with a run of 388 catches for almost 6.5 catches a second. He has since gone on to set the 6 and 7 ball speed juggling records and doesn’t appear to be slowing down. I just watched his┬álatest technical┬ávideo and was impressed!

I set the 3 and 4 ball marks and it appears 5 ball speed is our main battleground, but it appears he’s getting ready for 3 and 4 ball speed juggling as well. I get the feeling that if successful, I’m going to have to defend the record again soon.

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