60 minutes for record number 30

Tonight I broke my 30th Guinness World Record. I balanced a pool cue on my forehead for 1 hour 3 minutes 14 seconds. And my neck still feels every second of it. And an hour after the attempt I still have a divot in my forehead.

But STEM education is being promoted and I’m still having fun.

I did have a bit of a scare at the Boise airport this morning flying to Chicago since I did not know you couldn’t carry a pool cue onto a plane. More on that below.

Chicago Tribune coverage by Chuck Fieldman

Thanks to the Oak Brook Public library for hosting me!

My neck was in a significant amount of pain as I have never stared at the sky for this long before. I got close balancing a hoe on my nose but didn’t have tilt my head back as far for that one. When I balanced the hula hoop on my forehead I was swimming and was able to angle my body forward as well so my neck wasn’t tilted as far back. My feet started falling asleep halfway through, but in the end, I made it over an hour to set my 30th Guinness World Record.

Record Photo Gallery (with lots of sideways photos)

But who knew cues weren’t allowed in carry-on bags? I put it in the same category as a tennis racket, or the metal tripods I was also carrying in my baggage. Did I look at the TSA website where it clearly states they’re not allowed? Of course not.  In my usual fashion I left home a little more than an hour before the flight but ran into traffic merging onto the freeway so didn’t arrive until less than 40 minutes to take off. This wouldn’t have been a problem. I got through the metal detector to find I had been selected for additional random electronic screening. This wouldn’t have been a problem either. Then I grabbed my pool cue and they said it wasn’t allowed. I’m 25 minutes until take off at this point. It takes 4 minutes for the electronic screening and they offer to dispose of my cue or escort me out of security. I chose the escort and sprinted to the United counter. They saw me running and were immediately very helpful. The flight was closed so they couldn’t check it. Was there a later flight I could take? Yes. Was there someone I could give the cue to? No. Maybe the cue could make the next flight? They were too helpful. There was a TSA agent nearby and they grabbed him to help. Someone offered to check it anyway and see if it could get on the flight. They printed a gate check tag even though the flight was closed and I handed the guy 2 sticks. “Do you have a bag for these?” No. They found some plastic, wrapped up the sticks and put a priority sticker on them. I sprinted back to security, made it through and sprinted to the gate to find a smiling agent say I was just in time. I wondered the whole time if my cue had a chance. I landed in Chicago and used the beta track my bags feature and it said they had arrived. They had. They were undamaged and they were used to set my 30th Guinness World Record tonight!

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  1. It was a real pleasure having David break the record here at our Library. His talents are amazing. I also appreciate his promotion of STEM education. If you have the chance to see David break a record, don’t miss it!

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