81 Laps

It was a brisk 35 degrees at 10 AM this morning when I started my quest to break 2 Guinness World Records with a cue balanced on a finger for distance (8.9 miles/36 laps) and time (4 hours 7 minutes) around the Boise High School track. The middle finger of my right hand was numb within the first mile and I wouldn’t regain feeling for over four and a half hours.

In the end, I jogged and walked 81 laps (20.13 miles / 32.4 km) in 4 hours 20 minutes 0 seconds. I ran/walked the first half marathon in about 2 and a half hours and then only covered 7 miles in the last 2 hours since I hadn’t trained to jog more than about 10 miles and I wanted to avoid injury

The video and photo narrative below!

The cue had to remain balanced on a single finger the entire time without touching any other part of the body or any other object.

Dan and several others helped to feed me along the way. This was the riskiest part of the entire day as I had to balance the cue and do another action at the same time. I had several wobbles
Becky ran with me for over an hour… which was really over an hour and 15 minutes since she didn’t count the walking
Jeremy tried to keep up as well
I got a tent in case it rained… fortunately, it stopped just an hour before.
Thanks to everyone who came out to support me and STEM as witnesses, photographers, and the cheering squad.
I had plenty of company along my trip
Don’t be fooled by this picture…
Ken kept up with me for 15 laps! (every other one for over an hour)
Terrese and Daniel made good company as well
Near the end of the attempt, my finger felt bigger than my hand and I couldn’t feel the cue on it at all.
The squad
Thanks for coming!
The last 5 meters took about 20 seconds so the attempt could take exactly 4 hours 20 minutes 0 seconds
The last 5 meters took about 20 seconds so the attempt could take exactly 4 hours 20 minutes 0 seconds
getting so close to finishing lap 81
Almost there
81 laps / 20.13 miles / 32.4 km in exactly 4 hours 20 minutes 0 seconds
This picture doesn’t do the dent my finger justice
Here are my lap splits with notes on when I got food and water. I started a bit too fast which was ok since walking at the end was fine. I didn’t really train to run 20 miles anyway.

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