Bike Balanced on Chin for Guinness World Record 8!

Another record has fallen! (Or maybe it been been up’d?) The record is for longest duration balancing a bicycle on the chin. The number to beat was 2 minutes 1.45 seconds. It took 2 tries since I ran into the fence and just about dumped the bike into the pond at the 1:40 mark on the first attempt. The girl’s reaction in the video is great. The second try was a success and the new record is 2 minutes 36.66 seconds.

Summary of attempt (most of the balancing is at 16x speed)

I also gave 4 shows during the 1st Annual Meridian Talent contest talking about the importance of STEM and working hard on goals while juggling, balancing and having a good time. Then I set my 8th Guinness World Record. It didn’t have 5 million people watching like my last attempt, but it feels good to have a successful record attempt after my first time failing to set one last week.
Bike Balancing to set the record
Bike Balancing to set the record
Thanks to the team of witnesses, timekeepers and photographer: Val Heusinkveld – CFO Cradlepoint, Michael Gilmore – Assistant Attorney General State of Idaho, Jack Ward – YMCA and Jennifer Rush – Mechanical Engineer HP (with Jeremy as the sidekick)
Thank you as well to Ken at Ken’s Bicycle Warehouse for providing a 28.5 lb bike that met all the Guinness World Records specs (minimum of 12 Kg / 26.5 lbs – but not too much heavier!).
This is probably the best media segment to get across what I’m trying to accomplish and how. Thanks Michael Sevren for a quality production.