Can’t see it pop

It took 2 years but I just broke my 25th Guinness World Record. I had no idea I was going to set 25 Guinness World Records, and frankly, I didn’t even know it was possible. But having a growth mindset, the kind described by Stanford Psychologist¬†Carol Dweck,¬†and working hard led me to reach this milestone with no immediate end or hard limits in sight.

This was the shortest one yet clocking in at a crisp 1.37 seconds more than halving the previous record of 2.97 seconds for popping 3 balloons with no hands while blindfolded.

I have a few reflections in the video below. I also love how some frames capture a balloon in mid-pop so it looks like a ghost.

Image Gallery

Thanks to the team!

16 3rd balloon popped – translucent or “ghosting”
09 Taking off – this one makes me look fast
04 Addressing the audience

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