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60 minutes for record number 30

Tonight I broke my 30th Guinness World Record. I balanced a pool cue on my forehead for 1 hour 3 minutes 14 seconds. And my neck still feels every second of it. And an hour after the attempt I still have a divot in my forehead.

But STEM education is being promoted and I’m still having fun.

I did have a bit of a scare at the Boise airport this morning flying to Chicago since I did not know you couldn’t carry a pool cue onto a plane. More on that below.

Chicago Tribune coverage by Chuck Fieldman

Thanks to the Oak Brook Public library for hosting me!

My neck was in a significant amount of pain as I have never stared at the sky for this long before. I got close balancing a hoe on my nose but didn’t have tilt my head back as far for that one. When I balanced the hula hoop on my forehead I was swimming and was able to angle my body forward as well so my neck wasn’t tilted as far back. My feet started falling asleep halfway through, but in the end, I made it over an hour to set my 30th Guinness World Record.

Record Photo Gallery (with lots of sideways photos)

But who knew cues weren’t allowed in carry-on bags? I put it in the same category as a tennis racket, or the metal tripods I was also carrying in my baggage. Did I look at the TSA website where it clearly states they’re not allowed? Of course not.  In my usual fashion I left home a little more than an hour before the flight but ran into traffic merging onto the freeway so didn’t arrive until less than 40 minutes to take off. This wouldn’t have been a problem. I got through the metal detector to find I had been selected for additional random electronic screening. This wouldn’t have been a problem either. Then I grabbed my pool cue and they said it wasn’t allowed. I’m 25 minutes until take off at this point. It takes 4 minutes for the electronic screening and they offer to dispose of my cue or escort me out of security. I chose the escort and sprinted to the United counter. They saw me running and were immediately very helpful. The flight was closed so they couldn’t check it. Was there a later flight I could take? Yes. Was there someone I could give the cue to? No. Maybe the cue could make the next flight? They were too helpful. There was a TSA agent nearby and they grabbed him to help. Someone offered to check it anyway and see if it could get on the flight. They printed a gate check tag even though the flight was closed and I handed the guy 2 sticks. “Do you have a bag for these?” No. They found some plastic, wrapped up the sticks and put a priority sticker on them. I sprinted back to security, made it through and sprinted to the gate to find a smiling agent say I was just in time. I wondered the whole time if my cue had a chance. I landed in Chicago and used the beta track my bags feature and it said they had arrived. They had. They were undamaged and they were used to set my 30th Guinness World Record tonight!

Staring Up

Tomorrow, in the Oak Brook Public Library outside Chicago I will attempt to stare straight up for over 1 hour. I will be staring up at a pool cue to keep it balanced on my forehead. If successful, I will set my 30th Guinness World Record.

A cue balanced on the forehead is an inverse pendulum (think Grandfather clock upside down, or a Segway but with an extra axis of freedom). The tipping acceleration is inversely proportional to the center of gravity so the higher the center of gravity, the slower it tips. I’ll have the fat end up for a higher center of gravity.

The hard part about this attempt is actually keeping my neck bent up for an hour… which I have never in my life done before. The closest I got was 42 minutes balancing a hoe on my nose a couple months ago.


35000 leaves

This morning I raked (and bagged) about 35,000 leaves in 1 minute. I may be off by a little bit since I’m estimating. Officially I raked 15.725 kg of leaves in 1 minute.

I was promoting Rake up Boise with Neighborworks Boise which is another thing that makes Boise a wonderful place to live besides a thriving economy driven by technology.

Using my estimating skills honed as an engineer and doing a couple sanity checks is how I arrived at a 35,000 leaf estimate. If you count the number of leaves in the air in this title picture there are about 100. I figure there were a little less than 100 handfuls like that in each bad for about 35,000 leaves.  In a sanity check, if each one of these small, dead, try leaves weights about .5 grams then you get a little over 30,000 leaves at 15.725 kg. A search on the internet lead me to find 25,000 dead Oak tree leaves weight less than 70 kg and these were a lot smaller than oak leaves so I’m in the ballpark.

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81 Laps

It was a brisk 35 degrees at 10 AM this morning when I started my quest to break 2 Guinness World Records with a cue balanced on a finger for distance (8.9 miles/36 laps) and time (4 hours 7 minutes) around the Boise High School track. The middle finger of my right hand was numb within the first mile and I wouldn’t regain feeling for over four and a half hours.

In the end, I jogged and walked 81 laps (20.13 miles / 32.4 km) in 4 hours 20 minutes 0 seconds. I ran/walked the first half marathon in about 2 and a half hours and then only covered 7 miles in the last 2 hours since I hadn’t trained to jog more than about 10 miles and I wanted to avoid injury

The video and photo narrative below!

The cue had to remain balanced on a single finger the entire time without touching any other part of the body or any other object.

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Cue up Time and Distance

On Saturday, November 4th, the 26 time Guinness World Record setter will attempt to make it 28.

It’ll be at the Boise High School track from 10 AM to ~ 2:30 PM. Come cheer me on and/or walk and jog with me. I may cover up to 80 laps… and while I don’t get bored easily, it’s still 80 laps around a track.

I’m going for a two for one Guinness World Record attempt. The first is “furthest distance traveled on foot balancing a pool cue on a finger” and the second is “longest time to balance a pool cue on a finger”. The current records are 7.9 miles and 4 hours 7 minutes respectively. The cue must be balanced on a single finger the entire time and must not fall off, touch another part of the body, or any other object. You may see I’m doing them at the same time and wonder if it’s easier to balance a cue on a finger while moving. Is it easier to drink hot coffee while running? You may get to where you’re going faster but that doesn’t make it easier.

Time and Distance: 2 Guinness World Record Attempts in One

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5 Balls Meets 5G Speed

Tomorrow I will attempt to reclaim title to “World’s Fastest 5 ball Juggler” by attempting to reset the Guinness World Record for most catches in 1 minute (5 balls).
It will be in front of a live audience of 500 people at the Barcoding conference held at the Baltimore Raven’s Stadium at 12:30 PM ET on Oct 12. Earlier in the day, I’m going to be demystifying 5G (or possibly re-mystifying it) with an hour-long presentation about what it is, when it’s coming, and how they should prepare for it.

When I first found this record, the mark was 330 catches in 1 minute, or 5.5 catches per second meaning all 5 balls were caught and thrown every second plus more. In February of 2016, I broke the record with 370 catches in 1 minute for just over 6 catches a second.

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Can’t see it pop

It took 2 years but I just broke my 25th Guinness World Record. I had no idea I was going to set 25 Guinness World Records, and frankly, I didn’t even know it was possible. But having a growth mindset, the kind described by Stanford Psychologist Carol Dweck, and working hard led me to reach this milestone with no immediate end or hard limits in sight.

This was the shortest one yet clocking in at a crisp 1.37 seconds more than halving the previous record of 2.97 seconds for popping 3 balloons with no hands while blindfolded.

I have a few reflections in the video below. I also love how some frames capture a balloon in mid-pop so it looks like a ghost.

Image Gallery

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Triple Threat

Yesterday  I balanced a chainsaw on my chin, today I balanced a chainsaw in my forehead, tomorrow I will attempt to pop balloons while blindfolded. 3 Guinness World Records in 3 days.

Today I had to balance a chainsaw on my forehead for over 3 minutes to set the initial mark for this Guinness World Record. I didn’t create this record, but whoever did wasn’t able to make it 3 minutes so there was no current record holder.

I was able to make it 5 minutes 1 second despite the fact that I could not see the top of the chainsaw to see when it was tipping (see the video for explanation).

KIVI News Broadcast








KIVI Facebook live stream

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