Cue Another Guinness World Record

Another victory for STEM as another Guinness World Record falls. The team ran the Fit One Half Marathon to confirm I had the pool cue balanced on my finger for the entire distance. The old record of 8.95 miles was passed about 2/3s of the way in and the new record  now stands at 12.93 miles. (The course was shortened due to construction). While the record wasn’t based on time, I’m thrilled that we finished in under 2 hours! 1:58:09. Brian even won his age group – way to go Brian!

Here’s the 47 second summary of 2 hours (+ months) of work.

We started off about a minute behind everyone to let the traffic clear and tried to run pretty conservatively (9:30-10 minute miles) since I hadn’t run more than about 8.5 miles in a year and a half and wasn’t sure how I’d do. We ended up passing about 1700 people and placing about 350th overall. At mile 10 I decided to pick up the pace and the last 3 miles were about 8:30 pace. It helped to wear Guinness World Record Official Attempt stickers on our backs so people could figure out what we were up to and there were lots of supporters and encouragement out on the course and plenty of celebration at the party after. This record took longer than any other to set – in both distance and time.
Thank you to the witness team of Brian Grant, Christi Putz and Jeremy Cramer for verifying the attempt and thank you Jennifer for taking video and pictures at the end with little Jeremy (after completing the 10k).
Jeremy, David, Christi and Brian
Jeremy, David, Christi and Brian
Thank you again to the following folks for helping make this attempt possible:
Heather at FitOne and Anita at St. Lukes for help coordinating.
CarlaJean at Billiards of Idaho for the Cue (to Guinness Specifications)