Cue up a 2 mile record

It took 30 minutes 52 seconds to walk 3,300 meters or 2.05 miles. The previous record of 1668 meters while balancing a pool cue on the chin was nearly doubled. The time didn’t matter other than my neck was ready for a break. I walked the first 1700 meters at a more conservative pace to avoid a mistake and then booked it for the second mile. A few times the cue was tipping a little too far and I had to jog to keep up. I made a total of 8 laps plus 100 meters.

One of the hardest parts about this attempt is staying on the track while staring up in the sky – especially when the sky has a bright sun in it. An early morning attempt kept the sun close to the horizon and when I was rounding the corner that pointed me directly at the sun I was in Boise High School’s shadow.

Thanks so much to the team for your support!


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