Guinness World Record number 20 fell today after a long wait.

I bought the hula hoop the day before Jeremy was born. I’ve had it in our living room now for more than 15 months. It’s taken a couple dozen trips to various swimming pools. The previous record for longest duration balancing a hula hoop on the head was 49 seconds. I beat the record in less than a minute (funny how that works). I then persisted for 15 more minutes. When my neck didn’t want to take it any more, I started practicing my seal moves and swam up out of the water a couple times and swam forward and back. At 16 minutes and 13.19 seconds, the hula hoop fell into the water and we celebrated.

We got some great media coverage with local channels CBS 2, Fox 9 and KIVI 6 airing coverage. They all caught that I’m promoting STEM education which is encouraging.


Thanks to the team!
I like this Lou Holtz quote at the Boise State Rec Center
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