Ladder up to Double Digit Guinness Records

I had a great time at the Emmett Middle School assembly today. The students were great: attentive, engaged, enthusiastic and helpful (I had some equipment to schlep for this one). There were about 570 5-8th graders and I was told 2 world records were set today: Longest Duration Balancing a Ladder on a Chin (5:32) and Longest time 5-8th graders kept silent (4:09 – previous ladder balance record).

I wanted to let them knew if they believed in themselves, they could accomplish amazing things. I told them that I had one of my biggest setbacks a couple weeks ago on the TODAY show when I didn’t set the Guinness World Record live for 5 million people. Since then, I’ve set 3 Guinness World Records. How are you going to respond to setbacks? How are you going to respond when things don’t go your way? You may want to crawl in a hole and hide, but that’s when you need to put forth your greatest effort.

Thanks for having me out Emmett Middle School! Believe in yourself and you can accomplish amazing things!

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Huskies Middle School
Huskies Middle School

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  1. My daughter attends EMS and when she came home this was all she could talk about. Thank you for giving her and the rest of the student body this opportunity.

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