Nose knows no limits

42 minutes later we had the answer to life, the universe, and everything. The questions were: would my nose ever be straight again, and when would the throbbing in my neck stop?

01 JUMP Nose Balance Record Attempt

Today I broke my 22nd Guinness World Record at JUMP in downtown Boise for the Longest Duration Balancing an Object on the Nose. The previous record was 31 minutes and was held by the legend himself: Ashrita Furman – the Guinness World Record holder for the most Guinness World Records.

I had to overcome a few challenges. I knew my neck was going to hurt a lot, I was a little concerned about the wind (there was some), and I knew my nose was going to be uncomfortable. The surprises were… well, surprises. The biggest challenge was my throat got a little dry. I was expecting this so I drank plenty of water before the attempt, but I couldn’t swallow any of my salivae to soothe the dry throat. I would try, but I started gagging. Since my throat was dry, I kept making more saliva. Have you ever tried swallowing while looking straight up? Try it. You won’t be able to. After 42 minutes my mouth was full of foam and I was just hoping I wouldn’t go into a coughing fit and lose the balance. It was also red air quality in Boise from nearly 100 wildfires in the northwest.

This record fits into JUMP’s mission statement very well: “Creating an environment for inspiring human potential.” – Thanks for having me!

Image Gallery

18 Celebrating passing 31 minutes

Thanks to the team for all your help!