On Cue One Mile

After a 2 week delay due to a nasty cold, Guinness World Record attempt #19 is on. I will attempt to run the fastest mile ever run while balancing a pool cue on my finger. If you want to come out to watch or cheer me on, it will be at 8 AM at the Capital High School track starting with a talk to the cross country team about the power of having a growth mindset, setting goals, and having the grit to power through pain and adversity.

The current record is 6 minutes 55 seconds. The pool cue has to rest on 1 finger and cannot touch any other part of my body or fall off or the record attempt fails. The hardest part is the end when the body gets wobbly from oxygen deprivation and my arm gets super shaky. In practice I even once had the cue fall off with 10 meters to go and break into several pieces!

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