Amazing Track Record

I wanted to show these students that if they believe they can get better at anything (growth mindset) and put in the hard work to get better, they can accomplish anything. 200 meters later (covered in 3 minutes 39 seconds), I gave them a proof-point. I broke the Guinness World Record for “Farthest distance walked balancing a lawnmower on the chin (not powered)” by 78 meters. The previous record was 122 meters. The lawnmower was not on, as per the rules, but it still weighed 22 lbs.

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Lawnmower Distance Walked Balancing on Chin GWR Gallery

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Cutting Edge

Guinness World Record attempt #13 is scheduled for 3:30 PM on Friday, April 7th at the Boise High School track for the track and field team at the start of practice. I’m planning to give a short talk on having a growth mindset and how it can help students academically and with sports. Then I’ll attempt to break the Guinness World Record for longest distance walked balancing a lawnmower on my chin. The current record is 122 meters.

My biggest worry right now is rain… if I can’t beat this record now and get the lawnmower out of my living room soon, then Jennifer might make me practice outside.

The lawnmower I’ll actually be balancing looks more like this…

10 meters for Guinness World Record #12

10 meters for 12 Guinness World Records. It only took 2.51 seconds and it was over. The months of practice all lead to this, and in a blink of an eye, it was over. I didn’t even have to try it a second time. The fastest 10 meters covered with a pool cue balanced on the chin.

It was a great day at the Boise State Science and Engineering Festival. Thousands of students came out to learn more about STEM and I’m honored that several hundred came to listen to me talk about the importance of having a growth mindset and working hard.

Here’s the YouTube Video… my shortest one yet.


10m cue balance GWR Gallery

Thank you to the team! Jackson, Steve, Steve, Amy, Stoney, Becky, Jennifer, and BSU!

Crowd Getting into Attempt
Crowd Getting into Attempt

10 Meters to Glory

Bring your family out to the Boise State Engineering and Science Festival at BSU on Saturday, Feb 4th.

I’m attempting to up my Guinness World Record count to an even dozen by covering 10 meters with a pool cue balanced on my chin faster than anyone ever has.

The inspirational juggling show and Guinness attempt are at 1 PM in the Simplot Ballroom at the Student Union Building at BSU.

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Difference Between a World Record and Guinness World Record

Today I explain the difference between a Guinness World Record and a “World Record” by setting the “World Record” for fewest juggling catches in  a minutes with 4 balls to become the world’s slowest 4 ball juggling. This is less than a week after setting the “Guinness World Record” for fewest juggling catches in a minute with 3 balls.


Let’s go STEM!

World’s Slowest Juggler

Is that even something to be proud of? Perhaps if I called it world’s highest throwing or highest velocity juggler? But that’s not accurate either since I could actually throw higher if I threw the next ball earlier in the cycle. I guess Guinness World Records has it right: “Fewest Juggling Catches in a Minute (3 balls)” – and yes, you have to be juggling the entire minute.
Watch the Video!

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I’m going to reach for the sky on the classic blue turf on Thursday to attempt to set my most physically demanding Guinness World Record yet. I’m going to attempt to become the “World’s Slowest Juggler”. Maybe a better way to frame it is “World’s Highest Throwing and World’s Highest Velocity Juggler”. The Guinness World Record is for “Fewest Juggling Catches in 1 Minute (3 balls)”.

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22 Minutes 7 Seconds

Today was reliving where it all started. Guinness World Record for Longest Duration Juggling 3 Objects Blindfolded. It’s the only record I’ve set that’s been published in the print edition of the book (so far). It got me on the TODAY show and started the amazingly fun journey I’ve been on during the last year. The first time I set it, it was only 6 minutes 34 seconds (current record until today). On my last attempt I went 22 minutes 7.01 seconds.

It took about 10 tries total, but I finally beat 20 minutes, which was my goal. Nerves resulted in several failed attempts (first 3 about 3 minutes) but I finally got a run of 7 minutes 20 seconds even with the nerves. I did the TV interviews and the news stations left. I’d set the Guinness record and all the pressure was off. I was then able to settle down and went for 22 minutes 7.01 seconds while juggling blindfolded. This even beat the juggle wiki records where all you have to provide is video evidence (and it’s a lot easier to beat a world record in your living room with no pressure then in front of 600 people).


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Beating Myself Blindfolded… 1 Year Later

It’s time to revisit the record that got it all started… and this time I’m going to attempt to beat it by more than 5 seconds.Blindfolded Juggling

Blindfolded Juggling

Cradlepoint is renting out the entire Basque Block again on Wednesday for our company party to celebrate another successful year.  I’m going to attempt to reset the Guinness World Record for longest duration blindfolded juggling. This is the record that was published in the 2017 print edition of Guinness World Records. The record was 6:29. When I passed it last year everyone cheered (note I was blindfolded) and I got so excited I overthrew a ball and it was over. This year I’ve been practicing to go longer.


A lot has happened since I set this record a year ago so I thought I’d make a list of a few of the things that have happened in the last year:
1) Had a kid – Jeremy, with my beautiful wife Jennifer

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Ladder up to Double Digit Guinness Records

I had a great time at the Emmett Middle School assembly today. The students were great: attentive, engaged, enthusiastic and helpful (I had some equipment to schlep for this one). There were about 570 5-8th graders and I was told 2 world records were set today: Longest Duration Balancing a Ladder on a Chin (5:32) and Longest time 5-8th graders kept silent (4:09 – previous ladder balance record).

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