I’m going to reach for the sky on the classic blue turf on Thursday to attempt to set my most physically demanding Guinness World Record yet. I’m going to attempt to become the “World’s Slowest Juggler”. Maybe a better way to frame it is “World’s Highest Throwing and World’s Highest Velocity Juggler”. The Guinness World Record is for “Fewest Juggling Catches in 1 Minute (3 balls)”.

The attempt will take place from 1 to 1:30 PM on the blue turf in the southwest corner. If you’d like to come and watch you should be able to see from The Allen Noble Hall of Fame (but probably not hear much) and if you’d like to help (cameras, supplies, paperwork, etc), I can get your name on the list to come on the field with me.blue-turf
The Guinness World Record minimum mark is 30 catches. There is a video on the internet of Thomas Dietz (famous juggler) with only 25 catches in a minute so that’s my goal to beat.
This is the most physically demanding juggling I do with my heart rate hitting 175+ beats per minute at the end of a run. It requires every bit of strength from both my arms and legs to propel the balls straight up at 30-35 MPH with very little margin for error (underhand throws). The hangtime can exceed 3 seconds and it gets tricky when the ball is coming down since I want to wait until the last possible moment to send the next ball up before catching the one coming down to minimize the overlap. That means my hand is moving up close to 35 MPH while there’s a ball coming down at 35 MPH. I can’t have them hit each other but I do have to have the ball land in my hand (and preferably not with a 70 MPH speed differential).