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MIT ’07 10-Year Reunion and 4 World Records

The MIT 10 year reunion this weekend was phenomenal. I got to catch up with so many talented, inspired, hard-working people who are making the world a better place. The best thing about MIT is the other people.

During the weekend, I attempted 2 Guinness World Records (both successfully), 1 other world record and ended up with 4 total world records broken this weekend.

MIT blog post

It started off with the 4 ball speed juggling record on MIT commencement day with 498 catches in one minute surpassing the previous record of 466 (not Guinness recognized). Later that day at the Boston Museum of Science the Guinness World Record for “Most juggling catches in 3 minutes (3 balls)” was broken with a run of 1288 passing the previous mark of 1200. Image Gallery Here. While setting that one, the previous record of most catches in one minute of 428 was eclipsed in the first minute with 470 catches.

Image Gallery for 3 and 4 ball speed juggling

Then at the annual “MIT TIM Talks” 8 former students consisting of 7 distinguished alumni and a guy who juggles gave talks about what they’ve been up to in the last 10 years. At the end we attempted to break the Guinness World Records for “Most Selfies in 3 Minutes” The previous record was 134. The MIT Class of 2007 got 166!

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Fastest Juggling (Period). WHILE BLINDFOLDED!

I’m still not sure I believe this is possible, but the video evidence tells me it is. I set the Guinness World Record for most juggling catches in 1 minute while blindfolded (3 balls) at 428 catches. Over 7 per second is pretty insane – even more so when you consider the previous record was 364 catches in 1 minute – and absolutely insane most so when I realize the Guinness World Record for most juggling catches in 1 minute (3 balls), using the eyes, is also 428 catches in 1 minute.

I hope the students at the FIRST Robotics nationals competition were as excited about this as I was. What a phenomenal program to get students excited about STEM.

Thanks to everyone who helped!
08 During Attempt

Opportunity to Improve on TODAY

Today on TODAY I found an opportunity to improve. It’s often called failure by folks in what Stanford Psychologist calls a fixed mindset. But in the growth mindset, a failure is an opportunity to learn and improve. I had 3 chances on national television and 1 off camera to attempt to break the blindfold speed juggling record, but I couldn’t keep the adrenaline rush from nerves under control. Adrenaline and fine motor control do not mix. I made it 50 seconds and 335 catches the last try (but needed to his 364 for the record… just needed a few more seconds).

I’ll be back again to break this one soon.

Check out the video here.



Visiting with Hoda and Billy
Visiting with Hoda and Billy

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