Triple Threat

Yesterday  I balanced a chainsaw on my chin, today I balanced a chainsaw in my forehead, tomorrow I will attempt to pop balloons while blindfolded. 3 Guinness World Records in 3 days.

Today I had to balance a chainsaw on my forehead for over 3 minutes to set the initial mark for this Guinness World Record. I didn’t create this record, but whoever did wasn’t able to make it 3 minutes so there was no current record holder.

I was able to make it 5 minutes 1 second despite the fact that I could not see the top of the chainsaw to see when it was tipping (see the video for explanation).

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12 Passing the 3-minute mark







Tomorrow I will attempt “fastest time to pop 3 balloons with no hands while blindfolded)… Yes, I wondered what that meant when I read it as well. I get to put a pin in the top of a hat and go after 3 balloons suspended above me (starting from 1 meter away).

Thanks to the team!

Thanks, team!
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