World Record Videos

World’s Fastest Juggler (6th GWR)

World’s Slowest Juggler


Most Selfies in 3 Minutes (7th GWR)  *** Disqualified due to timers in background in pictures

World’s Fastest 5 Ball Juggler (2nd GWR)

Longest Duration Balancing a Lawnmower on the Chin (non powered)

Farthest Distanced Walked Balancing a Lawnmower on the Chin (non powered).

Fastest 10 meters with a pool cue balanced on the chin

Greatest Distance Traveled on Foot with  Pool Cue Balanced on  a Finger (9th)

World’s Fastest 4 Ball Juggler (bonus)

Longest Duration Balancing a Chainsaw on a Chin (4th GWR)

Most Juggling Head Rolls in a Minute (3rd GWR)

Longest Duration Juggling 3 Objects Blindfolded (again, for 11th record)

Longest Duration Blindfold Juggling (1st GWR)

Longest Bike Balance (8th)

Longest Ladder Balance (10th)


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