World Record Videos

World’s Fastest Juggler (6th GWR)

World’s Slowest Juggler

Longest Chainsaw Balance

World’s Fastest 5 Ball Juggler (2nd GWR)

Longest Duration Balancing a Lawnmower on the Chin (non powered)

Farthest Distanced Walked Balancing a Lawnmower on the Chin (non powered).

Fastest 10 meters with a pool cue balanced on the chin

Longest Chainsaw Forehead Balance

Fastest time to pop 3 balloons with no hands while blindfolded

Longest Nose Balance

Longest Distance walked with Cue balanced on chin

Longest hula Hoop balance while swimming

Fastest Mile Run Cue Balance

Most Balloons Burst by sitting

Slowest Club Juggling

Most Selfies in 3 minutes (166 at MIT!)

Fastest 3 and 4 ball juggling

Fastest Blindfolded juggling!

Greatest Distance Traveled on Foot with  Pool Cue Balanced on  a Finger (9th)

World’s Fastest 4 Ball Juggler (bonus)

Longest Duration Balancing a Chainsaw on a Chin (4th GWR)

Most Juggling Head Rolls in a Minute (3rd GWR)

Longest Duration Juggling 3 Objects Blindfolded (again, for 11th record)

Longest Duration Blindfold Juggling (1st GWR)

Most Selfies in 3 Minutes (7th GWR)  *** Disqualified due to timers in background in pictures

Longest Bike Balance (8th)

Longest Ladder Balance (10th)

Longest Forehead Cue Balance

Most Leaves Raked in 1 minute

With a Cue balanced on one finger: Greatest distance traveled on foot AND longest duration

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