35000 leaves

This morning I raked (and bagged) about 35,000 leaves in 1 minute. I may be off by a little bit since I’m estimating. Officially I raked 15.725 kg of leaves in 1 minute.

I was promoting Rake up Boise with Neighborworks Boise which is another thing that makes Boise a wonderful place to live besides a thriving economy driven by technology.

Using my estimating skills honed as an engineer and doing a couple sanity checks is how I arrived at a 35,000 leaf estimate. If you count the number of leaves in the air in this title picture there are about 100. I figure there were a little less than 100 handfuls like that in each bad for about 35,000 leaves.  In a sanity check, if each one of these small, dead, try leaves weights about .5 grams then you get a little over 30,000 leaves at 15.725 kg. A search on the internet lead me to find 25,000 dead Oak tree leaves weight less than 70 kg and these were a lot smaller than oak leaves so I’m in the ballpark.

Clearing the space
Making sure there was no debris in the leaves
Weighing the empty bags to subtract that weight at the end.
Opening the bags
Starting the attempt
Filling bag 2
Filling the last bag
weighing the bags
KTVB 7 interview
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