3rd Guinness World Record Set!

Juggling for STEM at the Kids Fair at Expo Idaho on February 27th, 2016. 3/16/16: Guinness approved it. It’s Official!

After a 30-minute juggling show inspiring kids to pursue STEM education, I attempted to set the Guinness World Record for “Most juggling head rolls in a minute (three balls)”. I beat the previous record of 135 on the first try with 141 but had almost 18 seconds left when I dropped a ball. On the 2nd try I got 194.

Here’s the minute and 1 minute 44 second summary of the day:

CBS News 2 showed up and I gave a short interview about what I was up to and how I try to encourage kids to pursue Science and Technology while I have their attention with juggling.

CBS 2 News Screenshot from Broadcast (Juggling for STEM)
CBS 2 News Screenshot from Broadcast (Juggling for STEM)
06 CBS News Interview
06 CBS News Interview







Thanks to the team.

25 Guinness Team
Guinness Team: Left to right: Matt Messenger, Michael Gilmore, David Hill, David Rush, Becky Beacham, Mike Beacham, Rodd Ritchie.

Thanks also to Kylee Granden at Cumulus media for inviting me and Tommy Collins at NASH FM 97.9 for the great radio voice introduction.

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