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I found out a couple of my Guinness World Records for balloon popping were featured on KTLA morning news in LA. The anchor has been doing segments trying to break world records on the show as part of his “Friday Feats”.

He was not successful.

I think he thought this would be an easy one to break… but the title kind of gives it away “WEATHERMAN POPS BALLOONS WITH HIS BUTT FOR WORLD RECORD BUT HE’S TERRIBLE AT IT

I would actually argue that he’s not really that terrible at it. I just spent a lot more time preparing than he did. As the article calls out, it’s a team effort and the folks at Lake Hazel Library brought their A-game. While I would consider this to be one of the “easiest” Guinness World Records I’ve broken, that just means I only spent about a dozen hours on it. I built quad strength by practicing, I tried several chairs and knew having a low chair or supports on the side was bad. I practiced with the team a week before the event, filmed that practice, and reviewed it with the team (timing is VERY important). We contained the balloons and had a bigger team to collect and place the balloons. I also wore bike shorts underneath my other shorts (if you watch the video you’ll find out why this is important!)

At the time this aired the Guinness Records hadn’t been fully verified and posted to Guinness site but they are now:

Most Balloons burst by sitting in one minute

Most Balloons burst by sitting inĀ 30 seconds

KTLA Call out
KTLA Feature
They said he got 40 but I think he was closer to 35 when the minute was up (I got 95)
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