Recapturing the Chainsaw

I once held the Guinness World Record for longest duration balancing a chainsaw on the chin. Before I broke it, the record was 1 minute 48 seconds and I balanced it for 3 minutes 1 second. That was nearly 2 years ago. This year someone balanced a chainsaw on their chin for 5 minutes 7 seconds.

First tme I broke the record in March of 2016

It’s time to take back the record. After the 42-minute nose balance record attempt, I think my neck is up for the 5+ minute challenge (although the chainsaw is 4-times as heavy and much more intimidating).

The attempt will be at the Cradlepoint Block Party on October 4. We’re renting out the entire Basque block from 3:30-6 PM and I’ll be on about 4:15 PM.

The chainsaw won’t be running, but it will be sharp. Here’s to hoping I don’t drop it and to wearing gloves in case I do.

The biggest risk is nerves or fatigue making my balance unstable causing either the chainsaw to either fall over, or even riskier, slip off my chin.

Current Guinness Record