Wet and Wild (about STEM)

Guinness World Record #20 has been scheduled
Longest time to balance a hula hoop on the head while swimming
If I ever need a 2nd job as a seal substitute, I’ll be sure to list this as one of my top skills.
The current record is 49 seconds. I’ll be attempting to break it on Saturday, August 5th at the Boise State University Rec Center pool at 10 AM.
Rules: The hula hoop has to be balanced vertically on the forehead (not chin). I can either move or remain in the same spot. The water must be deep enough that I cannot touch. I’m not allowed to use any floatation devices or touch any other object.
Thanks so much to Kelsey and the Boise State Rec center for helping make this happen!
Hula Hoop Balance

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