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I’m going to reach for the sky on the classic blue turf on Thursday to attempt to set my most physically demanding Guinness World Record yet. I’m going to attempt to become the “World’s Slowest Juggler”. Maybe a better way to frame it is “World’s Highest Throwing and World’s Highest Velocity Juggler”. The Guinness World Record is for “Fewest Juggling Catches in 1 Minute (3 balls)”.

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22 Minutes 7 Seconds

Today was reliving where it all started. Guinness World Record for Longest Duration Juggling 3 Objects Blindfolded. It’s the only record I’ve set that’s been published in the print edition of the book (so far). It got me on the TODAY show and started the amazingly fun journey I’ve been on during the last year. The first time I set it, it was only 6 minutes 34 seconds (current record until today). On my last attempt I went 22 minutes 7.01 seconds.

It took about 10 tries total, but I finally beat 20 minutes, which was my goal. Nerves resulted in several failed attempts (first 3 about 3 minutes) but I finally got a run of 7 minutes 20 seconds even with the nerves. I did the TV interviews and the news stations left. I’d set the Guinness record and all the pressure was off. I was then able to settle down and went for 22 minutes 7.01 seconds while juggling blindfolded. This even beat the juggle wiki records where all you have to provide is video evidence (and it’s a lot easier to beat a world record in your living room with no pressure then in front of 600 people).


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Beating Myself Blindfolded… 1 Year Later

It’s time to revisit the record that got it all started… and this time I’m going to attempt to beat it by more than 5 seconds.Blindfolded Juggling

Blindfolded Juggling

Cradlepoint is renting out the entire Basque Block again on Wednesday for our company party to celebrate another successful year.  I’m going to attempt to reset the Guinness World Record for longest duration blindfolded juggling. This is the record that was published in the 2017 print edition of Guinness World Records. The record was 6:29. When I passed it last year everyone cheered (note I was blindfolded) and I got so excited I overthrew a ball and it was over. This year I’ve been practicing to go longer.


A lot has happened since I set this record a year ago so I thought I’d make a list of a few of the things that have happened in the last year:
1) Had a kid – Jeremy, with my beautiful wife Jennifer

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Ladder up to Double Digit Guinness Records

I had a great time at the Emmett Middle School assembly today. The students were great: attentive, engaged, enthusiastic and helpful (I had some equipment to schlep for this one). There were about 570 5-8th graders and I was told 2 world records were set today: Longest Duration Balancing a Ladder on a Chin (5:32) and Longest time 5-8th graders kept silent (4:09 – previous ladder balance record).

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Ladder Up Guinness WR Attempt

I’m headed out to speak to students at the Emmett Middle School tomorrow, Sept. 29th about the importance of having a growth mindset. I want to help them see that if they believe in themselves, they can accomplish extraordinary things. I’ll juggle, balance and (hopefully) entertain as well. The grand finale will be a Guinness World Record attempt for Longest Duration Balancing a Ladder on a Chin. The current record is 4 minutes 9 seconds. The ladder has to be at least 8 feet tall and weight over 15.5 lbs (I couldn’t find an 8 foot one under 21 lbs…)


Cue Another Guinness World Record

Another victory for STEM as another Guinness World Record falls. The team ran the Fit One Half Marathon to confirm I had the pool cue balanced on my finger for the entire distance. The old record of 8.95 miles was passed about 2/3s of the way in and the new record  now stands at 12.93 miles. (The course was shortened due to construction). While the record wasn’t based on time, I’m thrilled that we finished in under 2 hours! 1:58:09. Brian even won his age group – way to go Brian!

Here’s the 47 second summary of 2 hours (+ months) of work.

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FitOne Half GWR Attempt for St Luke’s Children’s Hospital

Saturday, Sept 24th I’ll attempt to set the Guinness World Record for “Greatest distance traveled with cue balanced on a finger” during Boise’s FitOne run. The proceeds from the race benefit children in Idaho, and the youngest patients at St. Luke’s Children’s Hospital, all while promoting STEM education.cue-balance-cover-photo

The doctors, nurses and advances in medical technology provided by STEM training serve these children in so many ways. The medical staff has the science education and training they need to diagnose and treat the children, and the advances in medical technology with imaging, prescriptions, and other diagnostic procedures are made possible by advances in science, technology, engineering and math.

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Bike Balanced on Chin for Guinness World Record 8!

Another record has fallen! (Or maybe it been been up’d?) The record is for longest duration balancing a bicycle on the chin. The number to beat was 2 minutes 1.45 seconds. It took 2 tries since I ran into the fence and just about dumped the bike into the pond at the 1:40 mark on the first attempt. The girl’s reaction in the video is great. The second try was a success and the new record is 2 minutes 36.66 seconds.

Summary of attempt (most of the balancing is at 16x speed)

I also gave 4 shows during the 1st Annual Meridian Talent contest talking about the importance of STEM and working hard on goals while juggling, balancing and having a good time. Then I set my 8th Guinness World Record. It didn’t have 5 million people watching like my last attempt, but it feels good to have a successful record attempt after my first time failing to set one last week.
Bike Balancing to set the record
Bike Balancing to set the record
Thanks to the team of witnesses, timekeepers and photographer: Val Heusinkveld – CFO Cradlepoint, Michael Gilmore – Assistant Attorney General State of Idaho, Jack Ward – YMCA and Jennifer Rush – Mechanical Engineer HP (with Jeremy as the sidekick)
Thank you as well to Ken at Ken’s Bicycle Warehouse for providing a 28.5 lb bike that met all the Guinness World Records specs (minimum of 12 Kg / 26.5 lbs – but not too much heavier!).
This is probably the best media segment to get across what I’m trying to accomplish and how. Thanks Michael Sevren for a quality production.



Meridian Talent Tournament Bike Balance GWR Attempt (Sept 17)

Hey folks,

Come on out to the Meridian Block party this Saturday (Sept. 17) from 10 AM – 5 PM at Julius M. Kleiner Memorial Park in Meridian near the Village. From 2 PM – 4 PM there’s the talent tournament that I’ll be competing in doing my standard juggling show a few times. At about 3:30 PM  I plan to attempt to set the Guinness World Record for “Longest Duration Balancing a Bicycle on a Chin” to promote STEM education and give kids a tangible example that if they set their mind to a goal and pursue it with a passion, they can accomplish anything. The current record is 2 minutes and 1 second.

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Opportunity to Improve on TODAY

Today on TODAY I found an opportunity to improve. It’s often called failure by folks in what Stanford Psychologist calls a fixed mindset. But in the growth mindset, a failure is an opportunity to learn and improve. I had 3 chances on national television and 1 off camera to attempt to break the blindfold speed juggling record, but I couldn’t keep the adrenaline rush from nerves under control. Adrenaline and fine motor control do not mix. I made it 50 seconds and 335 catches the last try (but needed to his 364 for the record… just needed a few more seconds).

I’ll be back again to break this one soon.

Check out the video here.


Visiting with Hoda and Billy
Visiting with Hoda and Billy

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